Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bryan Park Azalea Garden

The Azalea Gardens that are in Joseph Bryan park use to look fantastic! It is 17 acres and started in 1952 by Robert E. Harvey. He and a ton of volunteers planted 450,000 Azalea plants with 50 different verities! That is a ton but it isn't like that now. A while ago the city and such just didn't really have the funding to maintain a lot of open spaces and the gardens fell into disrepair. The fountain grew over and the pond had cat tails and a lot of azaleas died. Now it is handled by volunteers who want to make it come back. I didn't know until the beginning of this year that there was this garden there and I wanted to see what it could become. My girlfriend and I adopted a bed and had a great time cleaning it out unnatural vines (I got poison Ivy because of it) and raked up a lot of leaves. The peak season was April 1 to May 15 and boy did they look great and all the azaleas in the city. I recommend adopting one, there are still a ton of beds that need help! Enjoy the flowers, this is when my parents wanted to check it out with us.

There were a lot of pretty colors to view there. People were driving through just to do it on the way home and people also stopped for a picnic in the gardens. Was a great place to choose!

 photo IMG_8156_zps001d22b0.jpg
The purples looked majestic, this was part of our bed if I recall. We had a nice selection of colors and our bed was large!

 photo IMG_8157_zpsda452146.jpg

Have deep purple, light purple and hot pinks scattered in the 17 acres.

 photo IMG_8155_zpsa9e71251.jpg

 photo IMG_8153_zps1933f18d.jpg

They look so clean and pristine, I want more azaleas. I actually wanted more beds but she said one is plenty haha

 photo IMG_8154_zps7bc87be4.jpg

If you get a chance next year go and visit the gardens!

 photo IMG_8149_zpsf5b61732.jpg  photo IMG_8150_zpsb1791e57.jpg  photo IMG_8151_zps9982e168.jpg

The reds were great too!

 photo IMG_8164_zpsda016811.jpg

Bugs were enjoying them that's for sure.

 photo IMG_8163_zps081024dd.jpg

She was also taking some close up shots hehe

 photo IMG_8165_zps2764872e.jpg

Also some red bud trees were blooming along with others so it was nice to have flower blooming trees among the azaleas.

 photo IMG_8158_zps75ac6d4d.jpg  photo IMG_8160_zpscaa7b26f.jpg  photo IMG_8172_zpsbd25d9f3.jpg

This is the restored pond there with the fountain working nicely. It use to look awful in pictures that I saw.

 photo IMG_8168_zps3e7c249a.jpg

Here is a picture of what the garden use to look like in its glory. People use to come all around to see this fantastic azalea garden. There were colors everywhere and it needs a ton of work to get anywhere close to that. Picture is from Friends of Bryan Park's website Click here for article.

 photo not mine

Thanks for taking a look !

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