Monday, May 20, 2013

Why can't we hold our trash?

 Hey Everyone!

I added this photo just so that I added a photo. I took it out of my car waiting for a super long light. I feel like not many people take a few seconds and look out there car window to the guard rail, or do they?
Not sure but sometimes it is clean and some times it isn't. I know a lot of cities are really clean on the streets and others are not. In Richmond you will always find trash, litter or some kind thrown out of a window of a car left to rot for thousands of years or for a bird to pick up and die from. It's sad that we, the people and citizens of our area, can NOT trough that cigarettes butt or McDonalds wrapper out of our window and save it till be get to a trash can and dispose of it correctly. It rubs me the wrong way.
There is hardly any super amount of energy I use just for holding onto my trash before I flip it out the door. What is the point of throwing our trash out of our car and onto our road ways? Is it to keep the inside of the car clean or we just don't want to worry about throwing it away in a trash can?
I mean we as United States citizens pay taxes and our taxes are being spent to keep our roads clean and in nice condition so if we don't litter that is more people that could be spent else were too. Also, who the hell enjoys looking out of there car window and go, "oh hey there is a nice pile of beer cans, pile of cigarettes butts, wrappers, paper, plastic, etc. sitting on the side of the road." I sure hell don't enjoy looking at it, and I enjoy going down really well kept highways with wild flowers growing on the side. I have seen some great looking streets, and the streets that I see in Japan look awesome because of the responsible people. I just don't understand why people think it is acceptable to "toss/drop" a little bit of trash out of there car window. That stuff can pile up and just look awful and never degrades right and just pollutes the environment.
In this photo I think I see one piece of plastic towards the right or it might be a wrapper or what not but there has been worse. I think I will write another article about this again with more photos.
It just BLOWS MY MIND for the "no reason" of throwing their trash onto the side of the street. Seriously people.

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