Friday, May 31, 2013

I moved!

Hey everyone!
Sorry that it has been awhile since I have updated or made a post. I think there were a few random posts that the site spat out recently but I will fix them up and properly make a post out of them.
It is the end of May, oh my gosh time is flying. So two weekends ago I moved out of my house and into an apartment. This is the first time I have lived anywhere else and it is definitely a change. I moved in with my girlfriend and it is a pretty nerdy place. The freedom is nice and I spend less time running around on my car. I just got my internet back up, I had it day we moved i and lost it last Thursday. So freaking happy that someone came today finally and fixed it. It had something to with the cable box outside but now I am good to go. My girlfriend and I are actually working on a food blog that has to do with Asian foods and drinks. She is a cook in nature, my the end of the summer she will have her certified chef degree and then she will work one more year for pastry.
So I hope to plan more trips soon and get out there for more photography! I went camping a few weeks ago and took quite a few pictures and I have a little bit more photos to show. Also I hope to put some time into the new blog but I need to create some post and get a good layout!
Anyways I am rambling along here but I hope to get some stuff out soon now that I have internet!!!!

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