Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival 2013

Hey everyone! So a few weeks ago Ashley and I went up to Washington D.C. for a day for the Cherry Blossoms! The Street festival was a week after but this was ton of fun but super crowded. If it is Cherry Blossom blossoming time there, advice I can give is get there mega early on the weekends or go in the week because there is just a TON of people. We did had a blast though and unfortunately it was still maybe 2 days before max bloom. Some trees had buds, some had blossoms and very very few had all blossoms. Anyways, enjoy the Festival in it's 101 Anniversary! 
So I have never walked over to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial on the other side of the Tidal Basin but it is so nice looking!

 photo IMG_8075_zpsed6a72f4.jpg

The best part of the trip, Cherry Blossoms!!!

 photo IMG_8076_zps5a930f1e.jpg  photo IMG_8077_zps5987eb0c.jpg  photo IMG_8079_zps96fd988e.jpg  photo IMG_8080_zps7d6da2ad.jpg

We did however go to the Lincoln Memorial which has the Reflection Pool laying out in front.

 photo IMG_8082_zpse31ae23d.jpg  photo IMG_8084_zpse0e84de3.jpg

Down in the right bottom, you see the red bikes? Apparently you can pick them up at bike parking spots and rent them out for an hour or few and ride all over. I gotta try it!

 photo DSCF3249_zps78e07675.jpg  photo DSCF3248_zps8f630f61.jpg

Check out the Smithsonian castle that is near all the museums! It is quite beautiful and interesting! You can also check out the garden out back!

 photo DSCF3257_zpsf5f9fbb0.jpg  photo IMG_8095_zps62659767.jpg  photo IMG_8098_zpse4fe4b68.jpg

They have a weeping cherry tree right out back in the garden which was attracting photographers

 photo IMG_8096_zps0dfdc39d.jpg  photo IMG_8094_zps77e08afc.jpg

They were quite graceful

 photo IMG_8093_zpsb5e5075a.jpg  photo IMG_8091_zps4fafb10f.jpg

Also a few types of magnolias in the area were blooming and had wonderful pink flowers!

 photo IMG_8090_zps721d5821.jpg  photo IMG_8088_zpsf4622d58.jpg  photo IMG_8087_zps39bac18e.jpg  photo IMG_8086_zps0881b740.jpg

Hope you can get to Washington D.C. some day if you haven't. It is our Nations Capital and also check out the Cherry Blossoms Festival next year!

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