Tuesday, April 2, 2013

But not really

Anyways, April Fools from yesterday. I have been really busy though and I am sorry there isn't that much new content up. Work has been going smoothly I guess and I even had a new interview recently that would advance me to a better place in life. I'm excited if I get it!
Also the weather is starting to get better and the Cherry Blossoms are starting to open. I hope I get out there and start taking loads of pictures and I will!
I also hope to take more weekend trips with the better weather coming. This coming weekend and maybe next I will be going to Washington D.C. for blossoms and just hanging around! If you are going give me a heads up!
I also hope to get some hiking in too!
Oh, so I am starting to run to the end of my photos from my trip to Japan :( If things go really well I might be able to make the trip this Fall to Japan, maybe...perhaps. I really do hope so.
Well I hope to get some more photos up soon. I hope I can write a post about a new job sometime if I get it!

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