Sunday, April 28, 2013

Blossoms in Richmond City

This is a little late with the post but the Cherry Blossoms had bloomed about 2 weeks ago in the city of Richmond! you can find some great cherry blossoms down on Browns Island across the canal from Tredegar Iron works of Tredegar Street. We took a walk on the pipeline that day too, and by we I mean my girl friend :) Anyways, I hope you can catch the cherry blossoms some time next year. I recommend them here and also on the VCU Campus at Monroe Park. Enjoy the photos!

The twin towers of Richmond.

 photo IMG_8073_zpsd34d2cb0.jpg
Here are the Blossoms!

 photo IMG_8068_zps82876a40.jpg  photo IMG_8067_zpsae8f2f40.jpg  photo IMG_8066_zps7fad0847.jpg  photo IMG_8065_zps840b510e.jpg

It was such a nice day and the blossoms really held out this year before the bloomed. Gosh I already miss them!

 photo IMG_8064_zpsb92933f7.jpg

Also, the James River in Richmond by the pipeline has it's very own Blue Heron Rookery where they make nests all up in the trees fro there young. There is a little island out there in the River. It is between the 9th Street and Mayo Bridges.

 photo IMG_8063_zps947d9a96.jpg

Getting some fish...or at least trying!

 photo IMG_8059_zps531072ec.jpg  photo IMG_8057_zpsfff289bb.jpg

The River was up that day from the rains that we were having, heck I had to walk some of the trail with my camera equipment barefoot because it was underwater.

 photo IMG_8055_zpse708f408.jpg  photo IMG_8053_zps2257212e.jpg  photo IMG_8044_zps7f424c2d.jpg

Anyways, tons of fun!! Get down to the River!

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