Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blossoming at Maymont take One

So Richmond Cherry Blossoms bloomed a few weeks back and so did a few other flowering trees. My girlfriend and I went to Maymont on a weekend before we went to Washington D.C. It was a lovely day, but anyways enjoy the photographs. I am sorry that I haven't put up new photos recently but I am finding a little more time to get through them and putting up these posts!

 photo IMG_8025_zpsd10cc29e.jpg

The Cherry Blossoms can be seen when you first walk in from the street parking by the Mansion entrance! 

 photo IMG_8000_zps761ae390.jpg

There was also Magnolias that have large white flowers that look fantastic!

 photo IMG_8007_zpsb671950b.jpg  photo IMG_8001_zps073571b9.jpg  photo IMG_8002_zps003cc570.jpg 

They line the road that is within the park leading to the Mansion at the other end. That is the barn on the left. 

 photo IMG_8003_zps2b7e44d8.jpg  photo IMG_8004_zps1a5c09de.jpg  photo IMG_8005_zps6c0f6f84.jpg

My girlfriend has left me in the dust because I am to busy taking photographs! haha

 photo IMG_8009_zps2fc18be4.jpg 

There are quite a few flowers that have bloomed in the Italian Gardens and they pretty much always keep flowers there that will be flowering. I have seen flowers in the Winter here because they plant them in for people to enjoy. 

 photo IMG_8010_zps5214f82e.jpg  photo IMG_8011_zpsf6e9a271.jpg   photo IMG_8018_zps5d6a2491.jpg 
 photo IMG_8014_zps6bfab604.jpg

 photo IMG_8020_zps88b945ad.jpg

I'm glad that we got down there pretty early in the morning on the weekend and you can get some peace with the gardens to yourself. 

 photo IMG_8029_zps82af3104.jpg 

The Weeping Cherry Tree that is on the opposite side of the pond in the Japanese Gardens was budding and some bloomed at the time. This one has a pink flower and looks great on the water. 

 photo IMG_8031_zps6e0c9e39.jpg  photo IMG_8032_zpsf61538e9.jpg  photo IMG_8035_zps8bee7ab2.jpg  photo IMG_8036_zpsf7ef6b51.jpg 

We were sitting and reading by the pond and watching these turtles that were sun bathing. The big guy's shell was peeling in the sun.

 photo IMG_8039_zps112fefbe.jpg

This guy has got up on the bank and waling up to my lap to steal a chip out of my hand. Very friendly but pushy!!!

 photo IMG_8040_zps494aa382.jpg  photo IMG_8042_zps0d7d171a.jpg

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