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SamShio's 2012 Year in Review!

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to officially say Happy New year and I know I'm almost 48 hours late on that one! I wanted to talk about my past year and what I hope for in the year to come. Also talk about my most popular post by views for fun!
This was a MASSIVE year for me, lots of changes and lots of new brought into my life. In the Winter and Spring I finished up my last semester as a undergrad at school and graduated into the real world. This was such a big step as my schooling is over and more opportunities have opened for me to do what I want with my life. My family was proud of me and I of myself to finish what I thought would take longer since I started at Community college. Only down side about it is that I have yet found a permanent full-time career job for me to start up and that is a massive goal for this year. Looking for those types of jobs is hard especially for the others looking in the job market. I am glad that I have a foot in the door with all the experience that I have from what I have done in my internship and working as a contractor. I look forward to getting a job and stepping up to the next part of my journey.
Right after I graduated I proceeded to complete one of my life goals which is now a goal again. My trip to Japan. I had wanted to go so bad and I was excited when I booked that ticket and I went for 22 days alone to a place so foreign to me and far from home. It was the best experience and most fun I have had ever. The culture is truly rich and I want to go back and see the friends that I made again. There was a lot of places that were left up visited and I want to see again and perhaps again. I came back something new but without that job and something to drive my passion like travel I seam to have lost my way and settled back into old habits. This is something that I want to change and that is why I want that job and so I can travel again.
I had a great relaxing summer but perhaps to relaxing as I had some work here and there. I did manage to get out and do a lot of things that I hope I can this year. I plan to travel to not just other places around the world in my life but I hope to start going to those places that I have yet seen in my own back yard; Virginia.
I ended a long relationship that I had and it truly was the best thing for both of us. I could tell we were not happy and one of us had to say something  When I got back from Japan I had the courage to say how I felt and for us to move on.
I started working as  server in a bowling alley, an interesting job and you meet a lot of interesting characters indeed. Some are good nights, others not so much. Lots of nice people and I am glad that it is helping me get along with some money while I search.
I hope to better my photography skills, I have been using manual mode a lot now and really trying to understand exposure and what is right to use in what settings. I would like to try more night photography and maybe long exposure but I need to get to the city for that. I hope to get better about street photography and not be nervous about it too. I also hope to increase the base for my site and maybe work on a more professional feel to it and maybe start a portfolio.
At the end of October I kinda confessed to a girl that I sort of liked for a long time. The first time I say her was at my retail job way back in Spring 2007. We both enjoy food and she is a culinary student. We decided to cook together one day because I brag about some of my food and later on I just said screw it and kissed her. Was the best decision I made all year (equal to going to Japan). It has been such a great relationship and I am really happy with her and my goal is to make her happy as long as possible.
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Now for my top 10 posts this year!
(click pictures to view the posts)
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Thanks for sticking with me through 2012, glad that it all didn't end on December 21st! I hope to bring more great content this coming year and more places to travel and not a ton more pictures of Maymont haha.
also hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday/Holidays!!!

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