Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 years later!

Oh my gosh you guys!
It has been three years and one day that I started this blog! I can't believe all that has happen since then. I had done a lot this past year as you might have read in a year in review post around New Years. I still have some pictures and posts of some grand places from my Japan trip and I have more places planned to go to this year but mostly local or in country. I am actually going to the town of Luray in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia this Saturday with my girlfriend Ashley. We are staying some where nice and then hitting Luray Caverns! It will be nice to get away for a weekend and I have been working everyday since January 17th! Look forward to those pictures as I will take her a ride in the mountains too as long as the road isn't closed from the apparent snow that we will receive in the morning.
More good news, I am still a server part time but last Tuesday I picked up a full time job! It is also environmental in nature where I help with oil (like heating oil) tank inspections, checks, removals and clean ups if necessary  Last week I helped a family clean a spill at there house so now they can move back in, they were happy that it was fixed and plus I saved the water table! It isn't high paying but it will give me the field experience that I could use. I get to travel around the state and town so I always get a new setting.
Also guys, I am planning on going to Katsucon that is February 15th-17th at the Gaylord Resort at the National Harbor right outside of Washington D.C. If you can make it, maybe we can meet! It will be a blast and I will be there as Press for!
You can still follow me on Google + and even Instagram if you care! I hope to put more work into the site soon and also more time in photography. It has been so busy with the new job that I haven't taken anything new in a looong time. I did get a new camera as well! Also last week it was freezing, below freezing!!!

More to come guys, more to come. It has been three years but I am not stopping for the world!!!!!

Catch you later!

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  1. Wow congratz!
    Dont know how you do it to maintain your blog, I started out just before you but how many times I had inactivity! Yours feels like its been up for a while and you deserve credit for that, I really enjoyed your japan pictures, manage to see some especially as reference when i was there back in nov/dec, sorry I didnt really comment im sure you know time is limited when traveling ^^ the trip was amazing and i has yet to post about them, will do hopefully starting from this month.

    I have to thank you also for being one of the top 5 most commented user on my site! just got my report from wordpress!


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