Monday, November 19, 2012

Yasaka Shrine - Kyoto, Japan

This shrine was once called Gion-jinja or Gion Shrine which as you can tell is in the Gion district of Kyoto where you will find Geisha and tourists. The shrine was originally constructed in 656, that is a long time ago. 
An interesting piece of history and I have found that it has had shaped a lot of shrines is that there was an epidemic in 869 in Kyoto. The mikoshi (divine paladin  of this shrine paraded around town to ward off this epidemic, and that started the Gion Matsuri (festival) which is a huge festival now! You can also access Maruyama Park if you walk through. Enjoy the pictures.
One cool thing about shrines is that they are open all the time and free usually. You can come through at night and see all of the lanterns alight. Brings a whole new experience.


I really love the orange that you find in all the shrines...

A large size tori gate. 

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Where you come and leave your offering and ring the bell and pray to the divine for some one sick all the way to you passing your exams.


This leads out to the Gion area to Shijo-dori or street. Read about that here

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Thanks for checking out the Shrine!

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  1. Hey Samshio,
    I was in Kyoto for 2 days until well now (in Hikone)

    passed by the yakasa shrine again when walking along the area. Looking at the pictures again I can now say how much I remember now haha.


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