Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maruyama Koen Park - Kyoto, Japan

Maruyama Park which is located really close to Yasaka Shrine and Gion area. It is a great place to Cherry Blossom view but of course I was not there and missed out on that. There is a weeping cherry tree that is really popular and during the time of blossom viewing they light it up at night. this is a public and free park here and you can cut through Yasaka Shrine and it is the oldest park in Kyoto. Anyways enjoy the pictures that I have. 


Nice clock in the middle of the park...

Nice stream that I sat next to and enjoying some Kyoto Baked bread. Was pretty tasty.

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School students have been travelling all over visiting places through out Kyoto. They decided the pick the park to have a picnic.

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Thanks for taking a look!
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