Friday, November 2, 2012

Jishu Shrine of Love - Kyoto, Japan

I visited the Jishu Shrine of Love which is located on the grounds of the ever so popular Kiomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto. This Shrine was dedicated to Okuninushi which is a god of love. At this shrine they have two loves stones that stand apart. If you are lonely or single then you can walk between then with your eyes closed. If you can walk all the way to the other rock and reach it with out opening your eyes then you will find love or perhaps true love. I had this explained to me while I was there by some students and I went ahead and did it successfully but I might have received a little help haha. If you get some assistance then that means that you will be assisted in finding that love through other means, a go-between. Something to start things moving. 
It was crowded and I had a lot of people stare at me while I did it haha.

The shrine was popular among the students, probably trying to find out who likes who :)


I picked up my green  traveling charm for safe travel at this shrine, I have safely traveled everywhere since then since I always have it with myself.

Some information that I grabbed there :)


 I really am happy that all the temples and shrines and other significant locations have information on a wooden sign like this. It is in Japanese, Chinese and English which was a major help for me to learn more about each location. We have something of the like in Virginia but they have it on a large metal sign. 


Some friendly Americans took my picture for me by the stones. Sorry for the over exposure haha


I paid for a fortune while I was there and it ended up as a not so good fortune for me. "At first things do not go your way, but with the good fortune of time passing and with the protection of the Divine, you will at last walk the road of much happiness."
I hope I do ^^

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info from Wikipedia

Here is the Charm for safe traveling!

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