Friday, November 16, 2012

Home away from Home in Kyoto

So it has been 6 months to this day that I spent my first night in Japan. I stayed at a house that does home stay's. Some short term and long term, what ever you are looking for. They are the Konaka's Residence, they have a small imported Wine store on the first level off Kitayama-dori. It is up in the Northern part but it is an easy walk to places to get food, and there was a new store that opened right next door so I could get all my food to cook. Also you can walk with no problem or bike to the Golden Pavilion or Kinkaku-ji temple. It was a nice place to stay at and you get your own room. there might be others there but the family generally will let you do what you want. They will answer any questions that you might have while you are there and will give you plenty of information. Well here are some pictures from the place that I stayed at. 

My room had not to big or small, it was good for my stay. I had a closet, futon, cabinets, a table and a shorter table. I loved Mets Grapefruit!

So I had a small table where I would sit on the pillow on the floor and this is where I did most of my things in the room or I was asleep XD. I had a light that didn't work, but the window provided lots of light in the morning. I didn't have a lot of things to set out other then my tablet and camera stuff.


The other tablet had a chair to it and I would eat there some times away from my tablet. I got quite a few obento's from the store next door or 7-11.


Me just sitting there!


I wish now that I had taken more pictures of the house but I didn't, ops. So they had a few plants in the stair way and in the in between space between t he other buildings. 


the stairs heading out had a large red gate, only locked it up when it was 9pm at night. 


They had a lot of little statues in between the plants that were in the stair well. They were funny looking a little

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

The stairs lead out to where they park their van. Not a large space but enough for them to pull in and walk in and out. There was construction across the street where it says Seed, it is a conveyor Sushi bar, to bad it wasn't open yet :/


Just some views from the surrounding streets. I have a lot of street pictures that I will post over time as well. I think that is Mt. Hiei in the back. 

Photobucket Photobucket 

Some kids going home after school, I get funny looks haha


thanks for looking!

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