Monday, September 17, 2012

High Bridge Trail State Park

High Bridge Trail is a nice long train in Virginia that is now a State Park. It was once part of the Norfolk Southern and once part of the Southside Railroad. The trail was finished this year and completes more then 30 miles of trail that is available for use by pedestrians, bicyclists and even horse back riding. The name of the park/trail is from the "High Bridge" that traverses the Appomattox River near Farmville, VA. The bridge its self is 2,400 ft/730 m long and depends at what place it stands 60-125 ft off the ground.
Was originally built 1854 over the river at this location and it was all wood with 21 brick piers which can be seen the the photo below where they still stand next to the newest bridge. During the Civil War, both sides tried to destroy to get an advantage. the Confederates finally did manage to set it on fire but it went out on it's own. After the Battle at High Bridge, the Confederates soon surrendered at Appomattox. 
In 2004, the last train went over the bridge and Norfolk Southern donated the 30 miles to the states conservation and recreation where the puled and estimated $11 million budget to turn it into a trail/park system. The current steel bridge that is used was built in 1914.

Great trail and views from the bridge...

When you are walking along the trail, you will find that it is so straight and it needed to be for the rails and trains that traveled. Makes the bridge look like it goes on!

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The Appomattox river down below...


It was a misty and cloudy day so not much sun which was annoying, lucky it didn't start to down pour!


There are places along the north-east side of the bridge that have points where there is a small roof and benches where you can view the side of the bridge. You can't bring you bikes of horses in there though haha


Of course there is some wildlife along the trail that you can see. Farm lands and nature all over. I did catch a Black Racer (a 4 foot black snake) and he was really fast and smelled too.

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info from Wikipedia

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