Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tokyo Banana

Hey Everyone!
So right about now, literally I think as I type this, is when exactly two months ago I got back from my trip to Japan. It seams like a dream that I was there but so real. It is an odd feeling that has yet left me.
Anyways more on that later...On my my home at Narita Airport after I went through security, I had to get rid of my Mets Grapefruit soda since I wasn't allowed to bring any outside liquids so I was very sad to depart from it. Especially when the vendors inside didn't have it. I did however manage to get my hands of the famous treat called "Tokyo Banana!"
Tokyo Banana is considered at least in the top 3 treats that are bought to be given as gifts from people that recently went to Tokyo. I was coming back and got it at the duty free store for my family and myself to try! On the outside they are Twinkie like but inside is like a banana custard that taste like mashed up bananas. It was really interesting and I enjoyed having them. I got a box and there was a total of 8 I think. My family didn't like them that much though ha. If you are going to stop by Tokyo any time, grab a box for a friend or family members, or even for me! 
Also they do happen to come in many different varieties but I got the standard banana tasting one.

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  1. Weird shape huh
    dont even look like banana haha.

    Each time i headed back to Toyosu I stopped quickly at the market at Yurakusho or Yarukusho and got myself a few fruits and such.

    expensive though..


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