Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Teriyaki McBurger - McDonald's in Japan

I probably shouldn't have but I stopped by McDonald's quite a few times while in Japan in both Kyoto and Tokyo. The reason why  did this was because it was cheap and a pleasant experience every time. McDonald's is operated quite different then it is in America. The stores are very clean and operated by very nice people. They strive to make it pleasant for you and I was surprised that most of them had very young and cute Japanese girls/women where in America it is a larger variety looking people but not the young cute girl thing here.
I had always gotten something though that isn't offered in the United States and in this case I go the Teriyaki McBurger. It was a patty that had Teriyaki sauce on it and it was quite good. I also recommend on the 100 Yen menu that McChicken equivalent but it has a mustard-mayo sauce on it that is great tasting! Oh I noticed that it is in the picture, the item next to the 100 circled in red. the sandwich is to the right of it.
Also the fries taste just like they are supposed to! Good!


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