Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Poke Center - Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Hey everyone!
While I was just traveling around for fun in Tokyo I got off a station some where in Minato after I had viewed the Tokyo Tower and I stumbled upon a crowed of parents and children walking to this building. I was curious and I took the escalator up there and found piles of people sitting outside with their Nintendo 3DS playing Pokemon that is when it hit me that I was looking at the entrance of the Poke Center!
I didn't think I was going to be able to find it or stumble upon it. I decided to take a walk through and it was really crowded. Probably because it was a Sunday that I decided to go in. 
Lots of parents and children picking out Pokemon goodies. They had a wall of plushies that were cute. They had a lot of great stuff but I didn't stay long nor did I get anything because of the line at check out. They did have a sign up page at the entrance where you could get exclusive downloads for your Pokemon White or Black for the DS.
If you are going through Tokyo with a child, I am sure they would be tankful if you stop by here!


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