Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bright Daffodil - Narcissus Flower

Daffodil's are quite a popular ornamental plant for people to have in their gardens, out in front of their house or just in general. The genus of the plant is called Narcissus and they usually flower in the spring and are great because they are perennials and will come back the following year! There are so many different species of them now because they have been crossed and hybridized now. They are native to North Africa, Europe, West Asia with a centralized area of western Mediterranean.
Don't mistake the bulbs with onions though since the bulbs and leaves contain lycorine with is an alkolid poison.
Traditional Japanese medicine of kampo they used the root and also wheat flour paste to treat wounds. they are also grown commercially in Whales to produce galantamine which is a drug used to fight Alzheimer's disease. 

These were taken back in the Spring near my home. They are bright yellow and also many different colors. 


The Greeks believed that Narcissus died after becoming obsessed with his reflection in a pool that he wouldn't leave. The Gods then turned his remains into the Narcissus Flower.

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