Monday, July 23, 2012

Yogen-in Temple - Kyoto, Japan

Yogen-in Temple! It is near the Kyoto National Museum and across the street from Sanjusangen-do temple! I didn't go inside as I had spent a lot in that day visiting other places and everything was in Japanese so I enjoyed walking around the grounds before continuing my never ending walk.
This temple was established in 1594in honor of Nagamasa Asai, Nagamasa's buddhist name is Yongen'in and that is where the name of the temple came in.
I just found out that inside the temple that the ceiling uses flooring from the Fushimi Castle and still shows blood stains of Mototada Torii and other samurai who fought to defend Fushimi Castle where they also commited suicide since they failed to protect the castle. It was moved because they felt that it would please their spirits. That is why you hear about the "blood ceiling."

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There are a few gates on the ground and this is one that you can not go through...

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The passage that leads from the main gate to the entrance of the temple...

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