Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yodabashi Camera - Kyoto, Japan

I love Yodabashi Camera store, there are a few through out Japan and they are mainly electronics but some larger stores have more then just that inside. The one that I went into quite a bit was Kyoto Yodabashi which is right across the street  from Kyoto train Station and behind Kyoto Tower & Hotel. Great location to get on the train or metro or even bus so you don't have to carry your purchase to far. I had that problem and I carried some things with me on the subway. From where I was staying off Kitayama and the location of Kitayama station it was quite a walk with full bags. 

On the floor with all of the toys which I believe it was the 3rd or 4th in Kyoto they have an area for capsule machines...and yeah I got a few things

I was surprised that old monsters that are like 50 years old are still really popular, there is a whole wall of old school monsters!


Tons of models, I am surprised that I walked out of there with out buying a Gundam


This guy was playing really hard with his cards, it was intense

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  1. You could get lost in their for all you know haha.
    You should have joined that guy playing, lol that would have been weird. Did you get anything?

    1. First time I walked in and walked through I got lost on that appliance floor. There are so many colors and signs up I got confused.
      When I was there I hit the capsule machines a lot to get some straps haha


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