Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tough times but push forward

Hey everyone!
So been a little while since I last just posted about life, mostly because I have had so much to post about my trip to Japan and all my side trips from home. The other day I had gone back to the mountains with my dad so I have more photos of places that I actually just posted about haha. The mountains were great, we did lots of hiking and went to the two highest peaks in the park and had great views. The temperature was in the mid 70s (22°c) all day which gave us a nice haven from the humidity and heat down below in our flat lands.
Also it will probably be the last time I return to the mountains for a long time here. The annual pass that I used was given to me by a friend that had to go to Ecuador to teach children English so she gave it to me since she wasn't going to be around. Also the pass expired today. I hope I can make it in the fall some time but when the fall colors really come out in the mountains here in Virginia, especially because of this really hot summer it will probably be early November or mid-November till we see a lot of color change.
This Summer has been intense for our country indeed. The heat has been high and the humidity has been up as well. About half of the country was under drought conditions for a while and we still are, high probability of forest fires to spread especially in the west. The heat has been crazy and even abnormally strong thunderstorms over in the east coast. I can only hope it can cool off a bit and lower humidity soon because it is tough to go somewhere to walk and just burn up and sweat. It's uncomfortable! haha
Not only is the weather and such been bad but our economy has been off as well. I am a graduate from College and it is still difficult to find work here and there. It is frustrating when you want to move on to the next part of your life and you try hard to get a full time job to earn money and a living and move on to the next adventure. I'm glad some of my friends have had better luck indeed in finding jobs. I hope I find something just to hold me over as we all have school loans to cover now that school is over. I am still not interested in going back to school for graduate level work yet as it isn't me. I have had a small job for two weeks contracting at Dominion Power which is a major company that provides power and supply. It would be great to get a full time job with them as you get great benefits. I recently been applying to some photography gigs around the area to make some on the side as well and I may try out being a host at a restaurant but not sure. I guess I can't be stingy as I need something and soon. I have stuff to pay off and I bought a car as well that needs to be covered! Life can be complicated but I knew the difficulties that were to come once school was over. Home work, papers and projects now end and that is off my mind and now bills and finding something to carry me floods my mind.
Now that I have said that, even though I am trying to find a job to hold me over, I am planning on leaving the country at least by the end of the year. It might be for short time but I would love it to be longer then that. I have been looking into working abroad for a while now and it is something that I really want to do. There is someone too that I want to see. Lots to think about but things that I am serious about doing as I will go.
I also want to create a more professional portfolio site for my work, not like this as this is my blog that I will always continue with. A site that I can show my talents and my profession experience in the world, a front I could call it that can get my name out in the world. I must first start with deciding how to go about it though haha.
I also have been spending some extra time learn Chinese and Japanese with free time and more about photography, plants and Photoshop! Yeah Photoshop is mind boggling but it is something that I would love to learn. Yeah I know that school is over but I love learn about new things, reading article that I put in my posts and Wikipedia. You should try it.
Also my family is seeing sometimes as apparently we are not getting any help with school for my sister and such so it is difficult for us but I guess it is for a lot of families now.
Another interesting thing is that I feel weird at home, like something is missing. I had left something behind on my trip and now I somewhat feel empty. I look outside in my back yard at my garden that I loved and now I look at it and I don't get what I got out of it before. It's weird because I love plants but I look at it and immerse myself in it and it still doesn't sway me. It might be a sign that it is time for a new adventure a new place to see and travel. That is why I can't wait to travel again and again. Don't get me wrong, this is my home and always will feel like that. I grew up here and lived here all my life. A home that you know you have  will always hold a place in someones heart I think. Something to think about and remember where you were once or who you are and what made you. It's just I'm ready for the next part and my family now knows that and backs me up fully.
Things might tough now but I am pushing forward because I have high hopes for myself and I know what I can do and prospects of what I can become.

I have noticed that I have been looking into the sky quite a bit recently, more then I did during school. I don't know why I look up, perhaps it is because I have been dreaming more about life and been thinking a ton on what to do. I also looked up a lot on my travels at buildings, structures and the sky. Especially when I was thinking and enjoying the air. I really do love clouds and I have been taking more pictures of clouds as well Here is a picture that I took two days ago when I went to the mountains with my dad. It was on top of Hawksbill Mountain which is the highest point in the park. the clouds were great that day and was perfect for thinking and dreaming for what ever reason. Time to site and reflect or to enjoy what nature gives. Peace.


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  1. Quite a lot of things have been happening I see.
    Its nice for you to be able to go to the mountains, must be fun the only one I climbed, ironic is Mount Fuji. Japan surely changed lets say my life or i should say that adventure.
    It made me kinda a do a soul searching since I was kinda lost in what to do with my life.
    But in any case lets hope it works out for both of us. No It will :)


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