Monday, July 2, 2012

Tokyo Tower - Minato, Tokyo, Japan

The great looking Tokyo tower!
The tower was built to be a communications and observations tower in Minato, Toyko, Japan. It is 332.5 meters tall being the second tallest artificial structure in Japan behind Tokyo Sky Tree. It is so iconic with it's Eiffel Tower look in the white and orange to comply with aircraft safety. Finished in 1958.
A need for a broadcast tower in the area and now is used to broadcast many different networks. It supports analog and digital television, radio and digital radio stations now. Problem is that recently in the last year or so Japan is transiting over to all digital from analog much like the United States did recently. The Tokyo Tower is not tall enough to transmit the higher frequency needed for that and that is why Tokyo Sky Tree comes into plan to broad cast that signal now. It also happens to be just a little taller then the Eiffel Tower




I never went up and wish I could have viewed it at night but I didn't. Maybe another trip is needed to revisit Tokyo and Japan in general.

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  1. So you didnt go in.. you should have! its really beautiful and you really get to have a clear picture of tokyo (duh lol)

    Did you stop at the temple at outside the tower?

    1. I was rushing that day, I had gone to Harajuku that day since it was Sunday for cosplayers but was disappointed and left and came here to walk around a bit. I totally forgot about the temple near by until after I left. I spent the rest of the day on Odaiba Island


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