Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post 500! I have come a long way!

Wow, this is my 500th post on here, well technically there were other posts that were super insignificant that have been deleted but I claim this is 500th!
Since I have opened this blog I have come a far ways indeed. January 30th 2010 was my first post and it feels so long ago but it has only been two years and a few months. Then I was finishing up my last semester at the community college and thinking about getting a internship with my field. Now I have finished all my college and also my internship and started to travel more.
Man not really what to say!
I have plans for the future, more travel on the way and perhaps work afar. I hope to bring more good stuff for my readers and I hope to write more then I do.
I changed the side a little bit around again on the site. Please accept me on Google + and I am getting my instagram going soon and I will post photos on there more often. I hope to get a smartphone so I can take those on the go shots and show you guys.
Oh my Instagram account is "SamShio" go figure haha
Well I don't have much to say for now but I will keep everyone in the loop. I currently am working full time as a contractor for a large company that will get my some good savings for my next adventure and to see someone special to me. ;)


  1. Wow 500! thats a number, I just posted my 162 ^^ long way to catch up to you. Wow i didnt know there was so much content here maybe i should check it out thoroughly.

    Anyway congratulations and keep it up!

    1. haha, Yeah started more then 2 years ago and just been rolling.
      I usually had a mix of posts about my life and then some photos from where I live and now I have a ton of stuff to talk about on my trip and been posting almost every day with it now.


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