Sunday, July 15, 2012

Higashi Hongan-ji (Eastern Temple of the Original Vow) Kyoto, Japan

This temple is under construction but is really a great one to stop by especially if you are near the Kyoto Station or the tower.
Higashi Hongan-ji Temple also known as the Eastern Temple of the Original Vow and there is another temple that is dominant like this one called Nishi Hongan-ji which is the Western Tempe of Original Vow. This temple though is the head temple of Kyoto and the current collection of buildings have been there since 1895.
Also Higashi hongan-ji was presented Shoseien Gardens back in 1641, you can find that post here

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This was on of the larger halls but it is under construction and could not be seen :/

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Standing near Kyoto Tower, the built up part for construction on the hall is actually one of the larger and taller buildings in the area if you look at it from Kyoto tower

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  1. Ah I had to give that a miss because there was so many places to visit plus given that its under construction. I didnt know it was the head temple, interesting!

    1. I stopped by here because Kyoto Station confused me for my next destination so that day I did a lot of things near the station like Kyoto Tower, this temple which was up the road and the gardens that are related to this temple as well. It was unfortunate that it was under construction though :/

  2. The temples are so pretty! Please continue to post pictures for those who aren't able to visit Japan...yet ^^

    1. I will continue to post all my photos from my trip till I run out! I did see lots of temples and shrines while I was there ^^
      I hope one day you will be able to go, it's beautiful in Kyoto!


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