Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation day!

Hey Everyone!
So today is the big day of my college graduation! With a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies! It has been a good four years of college at two different schools. People didn't think I could do it starting out at a community college and transferring. I put in two years there with 67 credits of work and got my associates degree of science. I transferred to the ever so large VCU in Richmond where I managed to fit all of my credits in for another two years (with an extra Summer semester last summer) to graduate in four years!
Lots of people thought that if you applied to a four years school and get denied (which I was) and went to a community college you were pretty much not going to finish and just go into the work force with an ok job. that is honestly how people though in my class from high school and it turned out to be that for a lot of the people that went to community college. I finished and transferred to finish in four years where some people that have been at 1 fours year college still has to take more classes. It's incredible.
I have always a full time student (12 credits per hour) and usually closer to 17 credits per semester. I had worked part time at a retail store since I was a Junior in High school up till this past December and had worked at my internship from 2010 till now which was more then they had intended but they kept me because of my hard work. Being able to put that much work in to two jobs for a while and going to VCU getting my degree with lots of commuting in my car it has paid off today.
I am the first in my family to get a four year college degree so it is some what a big deal and everyone is proud of me. They are also very impressed with my planning of this trip to Japan which they are very excited for me as well.
Completing a degree from my community college (a 2 year degree) felt pretty good but know that I have finished this degree it gives a big boost in self accomplishment. It pays because it helps get a job in our countries situation but I have plans for what is out there for me. I will reach and try for positions that are exciting and invigorating in my life. Something that I can enjoy and always remember that I loved that job.
Unless I decide to go back for a Master's degree, this will be last time I will go to school for credits. I wouldn't mind going to a class to learn something new. My grandmother does it, why can't I.
Family and friends will be over later today to share my happiness and we can drink and eat and enjoy company.
I just can't believe that I did it.
One thing that helps is knowing what you want. I understand students start school as a undecided major an figure out things as they take basic class credits before they realize what they want. I guess it helped that I wanted to do something for the environment or a science like field and I stuck to it.
I will also say if this is the case or just in general for anyone, going to a community college and getting an associates degree with lots of background classes for 2 years saves you a TON of money rather then taking the same classes at a four year school for like 5 times the amount. The community college system that I was in has an agreement with a lot of institutes in Virginia that if you get a 2 years degree at the community college you get automatic acceptance into there school which is really nice and makes the transfer part work smoothly. Trust me it is a great idea to save lots of dough. With no financial aid at the community college plus books and such, it was like $2,100 a semester and at VCU with financial aid was like $4,400+.
You can save people.
Well I have to get ready and look my best for my diploma ceremony and professors.
I will talk to everyone later!!!!

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