Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in Kyoto

Hey everyone!
So today I pack up my bags and head on to Tokyo from Kyoto station. I have really enjoyed my time here in Kyoto living in the Konaka Residence as a guest. I stayed out of the main part of the city up in Northern part of Kyoto by Kitayama. It made it more realistic as when ever I was down near the main station or city central there were foreigners everywhere haha. Tons of people visit from China and France. I tried talked to a lot of people that were Caucasian by saying "How's it going today?" and they look at each other and start talking in French. I gave up and moved on. There are tons of sites worth while to see in Kyoto and I was able to see the biggest sites and the hidden sites since I did a ton of wandering around the streets. There are a few things that I didn't visit and wish I did like Nara and also hike up Mount Hiei and visit the temple complex up there. I didn't go to any of the museums as that's not really my kind of thing. Kind of wanted to see the International Manga one though. I have stuff to do when I come back, oh and I went to Arashiyama and visited some places but I wish I spent more time there, it was beautiful. I wanted to see the Daikakuji Temple, Gioji Temple and such. Kyoto is a great place to visit, I was here for 10 full days and didn't get it all done. It is so full of history and rich in temples and shrines. I talked to a lot of people that stopped going to them because they said they were the same and boring now. I didn't think so, they were all unique in there own way and I enjoyed every temple and shrine grounds. Made a few friends here and all of the people of Kyoto that I met were really nice. I will uploaded all my pictures when I am back home safe and have a reliable computer to do it haha.
Lets see what my Tokyo adventures hold for me!

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