Monday, April 30, 2012

Last day of class...forever!

Hey Everyone!
Figure I add an image taken like an hour ago of Midna, my cat, underneath our porch. She was running away every time I tried to get near her today, most annoying.
Anyways, tomorrow is my last day of class ever! Well unless I decide to go to graduate school or something but as a undergraduate it is. Lots of work put into this and I am thrilled to get done. It is really a big step to take out the door, but it really is a vast world with so much that you can do. See how it goes.
Well I haven't posted in awhile and that is because there was so much going on like I stated in the last post. I really haven't had time to work on my photography or pictures let alone upload and post :(
I actually went out the other day and took some photos and I went to a Cosplay Picnic at Maymont on Saturday, it sort of rained on us a little. Look forward for those photos tomorrow too.
I still have exam days Thursday and Friday and all next week, but only two in class  exams and one take home. I still am sprucing up my Research proposal that I have to do for my major!
I have updated the "Japan Plans" page with all the places that I am going to go to, or at least try to go to.
I have about 2.5 weeks to go before I am in Japan, I can't believe it! I am super excited indeed!!!!!
I also have some major plans for next year but t here is some things that I need to sort of for that so it will stay under wraps. I need to find a job right away when I get back to help fund that excursion or at least move out and start something new. I hope after my Japan trip and I start getting a job I can focus again on my  sites and perhaps expand and do more for it. I really am excited for the prospects that I can do with my sites.
Tomorrow is my grandfathers birthday and the home that he has been at did something extremely nice for him. They had over heard that he really liked NASCAR, auto racing in the U.S., and started to set things in motion. They got him a bunch of little things from Nationwide Insurance and then got him two VIP tickets and parking for the race this past Saturday! My dad didn't really want to go so my cousin went with him and they sat in the box at the top of the stands. He said he really enjoyed what they did for him. He had a great view of the track and there wasn't much noise being inside. He said he sort of missed the noise a little but it was great because there was servers that brought you all the food that you wanted for free. Oh and it was good food he said! He also met someone famous as well!
What my family didn't know was that when we went to see him yesterday to take him for lunch for his birthday, my aunt was there and that a news crew was coming to interview him about his experience! Big surprise to see my grandfather, my dad and myself on TV last night and this morning! This really was a nice thing for the owner to do for him and make a big dream come true. With the passing of my grandmother last month this really cheered him on and will push him. I had went to visit him this past Friday and he was telling me all about it how they came in his room with the tickets and the nice gifts that they gave him. He got an autographed hat and car from the driver of the Nationwide driver. I'll say though that it isn't his favorite driver haha.
Oh, I will have ton of flowers to post soon and talk about all kinds of plants that bloom during the spring here! I will have tons of posts and I might set it so they are posted while I am traveling as I wont be able to do full blog posts while in Japan with my tablet. I will update my Google + account and my Facebook. If you are not friends with me on either you can find the links to my profiles on the right side under "My accounts." Just friend me its all good. Plus I'd love to talk to people and perhaps meet you in Japan if I can!
Oh you know what my Skype username is "thesamshio" if anyone uses that as well!!!
Well that is all I have now for a update but look forward to some new photography on the site soon!

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  1. Wow only a few weeks to go!
    Must be excited! ANyway hope everything is ready for your trip :)

    Wish your grandfather a happy birthday from a stranger of me haha


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