Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts of Future

Hey Everyone!
Haven't had a typically update in a while!
So last week I was on my last Spring Break as an undergrad college student. It was really relazing with amazing weather to enjoy the comings of spring. Lots o things were blooming up during the time like my mini azalea and all the other ones in the yard. I am sure to post more photos soon of what has been happening in the yard. I had a few appointments and it seams I will finally be going for surgery to fix my wrist problem. Sucks that I will be in a brace for a while but I should be good to go for Japan coming in mid May. Super excited about going to Japan, you have know idea.
I went to Bell Island not to long ago with my dad as well so those photos will be up soon too! I have been taking a lot of random nature photos and I hope to organize them enough to have them in certain posts. Also, this coming weekend I believe that I will be going up to D.C. with my mother because we want to see the Cherry (Sakura) Blossoms up there before they all fall off by the time the Matsuri Festival happens. Pretty excited about that. Also did anyone hear about the new exhibit in the History Museum in the Smithsonian? It is on the history of video games and they have a bunch of arcade games and console systems since the beginning of it all. Not only that but they will let you play them! Seams pretty cool, I might get a chance to check that out perhaps!
I will be stopping by Maymont today to get more photos as I head to night school. I bet there is a lot more in bloom there now!
I really enjoyed my Spring Break. It was a lot of free time and also time to reflect on things. I spent a great deal of time outside trimming azaleas and re-potting my plants. I spent the time mostly to get a sense of calm and peace. It was most appreciated and relaxing. It made me want to immerse myself more into nature without human interference. I loved hearing the wind in the trees, hearing the birds become active once again looking for that perfect place to set up a new home for there young. Watching over the week the trees starting to bud out with green tips. The woodpecker still going around looking for more bugs in the bark. Even on the warm day after a light rain, the annual termite swarms came from the ground flying in huge bundles spreading looking for a new place to colonize. Over all I felt happy to be outside and not being attacked by mosquitoes yet.
While be outside I thought about a lot of things. I thought about school of course but also about my future. What I really wanted with my life and such. I think I still really would love to do the Appalachian Trail next year, actually it would be just under a year I would get started on. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but it was something brought up by my Uncle a few months back. It is something that you have to dedicate yourself to since it takes a lot of time and will power. I feel that I want to really immerse myself within nature and I can watch the it from Winter into Summer. Watching the entirety of Spring within nature is something that I will always remember through out my life I feel.
I have also been thinking about what I will do for work as well. I really love to travel and see all new things to me. Especially nature, I'd love to experience new landscapes and to capture what I feel in photography for others to appreciate. Stuff that is hard to make a living off of now that you think about it haha.
Lots of thinking lots of day dreaming, what happens I wont know for sure, I just know what I feel.


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