Friday, March 16, 2012

Snow in Early March

Hey Everyone!
So two Mondays ago on March 5th we had snow that morning! I still had to be downtown fro class at 9am so once again like that lst snow on a Monday morning I grabbed the camera for a few pictures before heading down. I woke up that morning thinking about the flurries that the weather said and I looked out my window and there was nothing. Nothing at all, just a cold looking morning with cloudy grey skies. I opened my laptop to check my emails, Facebook and the blogs really quick and look back out my window. Huge snow flakes were falling and it appeared to be sticking to the yard and such. Gosh I love snow, it is just beautiful! 
Once again our house with a back ground and foreground of snow and it is getting closer to Spring!


I wanted to get a shot with a faster shutter speed to see the snow frozen in time. Funny I should say it since technically it is frozen, not in time though :(


My lovely cold drive way. I am glad that we have Holly trees or this could look like dead trees everywhere with snow mixed in XD


I guess my Dad let out Midna, my kitty. She ran under the VW Beetle, poor cold kitty!


A lot of Daffodils were already in bloom throughout the city, we only had two yellow ones in the front yard!


We still had a snowman flag out on the side porch, maybe that is what caused the snow to fall. We now have a Spring flag out haha

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Does anyone like driving in snowy/blizzard-like/slushy-like weather? It kind of sticks, especially when they put all the salt on the road to melt it. Gets your car so filthy afterwards. Better safe then off the road, right?

Photobucket Photobucket

I thought this was funny. The snow was really heavy and that snow that sticks pretty well. Probably great for snow men if more fell. The snow on the VW Beetles windshield slid down slowly and over time formed a snow roll on the wiper blades!


So I wanted to give you a guys a before and after image in the same day!
So the first image right below is the house at around 12pm noon...


This is after, on the SAME day at 4:pm. Not kidding! It all melted away!


Well we are now on are way back to Spring weather. We have 60-80 degree Fahrenheit days with some wind gust. Feels fantastic and I am now on my Spring Break Finally!!!

Photos taken with my Rebel T3i with a 18-55mm IS II lens


  1. When I saw your post in Holo with Deers of Nara that said you have a deer. I think you have a house with a quite large yard. After saw this post what I think seems right, sorry have been out of topic.

    I come from a country that only has two seasons. So, I have never felt living in a country when winter season. After seeing your post, I really want to enjoy winter.

    Wait, two last pictures. Seriously!? all the snow has melted?

    Forgive me if my english not so good =)

    1. Yeah not kidding, the same day all the snow melted. In that same week we had the temperatures go from -1.11 Degrees Celsius to 24 degrees C.
      But yeah we have a some what a large yard with woods so deer pass through all the time haha


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