Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ramune, do you like?

Hey Everyone!
So a while ago I did a post on Pocky and now I will on that special glass bottle of ramune! I enjoy a glass or so but I love to drink different things and usually a lot. These bottles are never enough for me and I wonder if it is because of the proportion sizes in Japan or Asia compared to the ones in America. Maybe haha.
Anyways I have tried a few different brands of this soda and flavors. My favorites are strawberry, peach and I do love mango too. Some of the other flavors are ones that my mother might pick up just to give to me, she is so nice!

So here are some flavor's that I usually do not get. Some empty bottles and unopened ones too! I'd have to say that melon one isn't a flavor that I extremely love. Also the regular (one in middle) is a little plain and if I am at a store and had the choice between that and Lychee or strawberry, I'd go with those then regular. Lychee is pretty yummy too!

Here are two brands, but as you can see I have had my share of Strawberry! I love strawberry flavored anything probably!

So what flavors do you like?


  1. The bottle looks attractive.

    I can't comment the taste of this soda. Because, I have never seen these Ramune Soda are sold in my country >_<

    But, if I had to choose one of the flavors above. I would choose the flavors of mango, because it looks refreshing ^^

    1. Mango is really refreshing. I almost only buy on the looks of the bottle and with the flavor in the back of my mind. Never fails haha


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