Sunday, February 5, 2012

They say that they don't watch the Super bowl....

Hey everyone!
So you go up to a person and say, "Hey yo! You watching the Super Bowl this weekend?"
"Nope, I am watching the Super Bowl Commercials!" they say.
"Oh cool," you say.
Ok, so they say that they are watching the commercials but in order to catch the commercials they are watching the game. I don't care if they go, "Oh yea I don't watch the game just like the funny stuff in between"
Yeah what ever, they are watching the game.Period.In order to be serious about watching your commercials you are sitting there watching the game to catch the commercials when there is a break or what not during the game. Thats that.
So if some one tells you that they are watching the Super Bowl Commercials, yeah they might not like watching football but hey they ARE watching the game. Just saying yo.
So anyways, enjoy the commercials and the game, or if you are in it for the game then hey enjoy the game and the commercials in between!

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