Monday, February 6, 2012

Squirrels in the House!

Hey everyone!
So last weekend my family, a friend of mine and I are out back enjoying some oysters when we watched a squirrel jump from the deck railing up to the roof, run across and into a hole in the siding that was in the chimney. the photo below was actually another hole we had on the opposite side of the chimney as well that a wood pecker formed.
Last year my sister and I would hear running around upstairs in the attic at night. It was squirrels.
Well once my dad saw that a squirrel ran across the roof top into the hole with my cat, Midna, hot on it's tail he knew that he needed to patch the siding up. It's true, we have been having squirrels run everywhere here and they eat ALL the bird seed. I mean it's ridiculous!


So we didn't have a tall enough later so a family friend dropped off a 40 foot one and my dad was able to get up there and apply new pine siding and tore off the old stuff. Dad said in the hole that was in the place shown above he found a squirrel nest made of our insulation in the chimney. Well he tore that up and fixed it right. Also patched the opening that they were getting into the Attic by. Nice.
So glad that is over haha

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