Saturday, February 25, 2012

Midna is traveling, reflection on Katsucon

Hey Everyone!
So how are we today!
Well I am ok, still doing minor recovering from the convention last weekend, I brought home sinus problems and congestion, sucks! I had a great time at the convention last weekend! It really was fun and I recommend it to anyone that is interested in Anime Conventions. The Gaylord is a really nice place with the indoor atrium and such. So many awesome cosplay's too! The area though can be a bit expensive but easy to get to since it is off i-95.
We came home and it started to snow, what's up with that? I am glad though that I finally saw some snow but since it feel Sunday night I wasn't able to truly enjoy it with class downtown at 9am. I took some photos and I hope to get them up soon for everyone. I literally took "some" haha. I am writing this up on Friday (yesterday) and it is suppose to possibly reach a high of 80 degrees F! Sunday was freezing and now it is 80! WOW. That is crazy and would put anyone's sinus problems in a funk. I feel much better and I enjoyed the weather Thursday and Friday.
I had two test this week and it added to the stress of the sickness but it is the weekend and therefor I am happy. Today I am actually going to see my grandparents at the home and we are taking my kitty, Midna (pictured below being super cute). Apparently they have not seen her since they have not been back to my house since my graduation back in 2008, guess that was a while ago and I only have had Midna since 2010 after my second graduation. Isn't she cute? She is an evil little one though haha.

Have a great day everyone!


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