Friday, February 17, 2012

Katsucon this Weekend

Hey everyone!
Been a little while since I made a post but here now.
I am going to Katsucon convention this afternoon as press. If you wanna meet up just comment below and I'll get it. I'll take lots of photos and try to get some video.
I have also been pretty busy this week as well with some work and coming home late.
I have not gotten out this week or last weekend to take photography mostly because the weather was crappy.
I didn't even enjoy the snow that fell here last weekend. I ended up driving through it. It was like a blizzard and was coming down hard and straight into my windshield causing my wipers to stick and ice to form on the glass. Crazy but by the time I reached home from seeing my girlfriend the snow stopped falling and there was no snow on the ground at home. Sorely disappointed, really was and I wanted to take some photographs too. Well now it sounds like if it gets cold enough that we will have snow on the ground Sunday but I will be at the convention which is about 90-95 miles north from home so it might actually happen. Hmm, interesting.
Anyways, I have some stock photos that I should put up soon once I get back but the convention photos and video and report is priority when I come back. Of course.
I still have one class today but should be off around 1.
So the fog last night hung around till this morning and it is thick. It looked eerie last night since I live back in the woods. I could see the slight glow of a light from the houses on the main road. I like odd strong weather. I think it is beautiful.
Oh, anyone annoyed with the amount of news on Whitney Houston's death? I turn on the news and I expect to see something else but all we care about apparently is the death of Whitney Houston. Yes she was a celebrity and a lot of people knew her (I'll be honest, I heard the name before but I didn't know who she was), but we give her death about a week + worth of television coverage and also televise her funeral. There were thousands of people who died in the war on freedom. They died FOR Americans and yet we might drop a 2 minute report of national television that a few soldiers died from an IED. Just stupid what we think is more important in the news.
Anyways, I gotta head to Botany, it is quite interesting!

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