Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I need an MRI...on my wrist

Hey Everyone!

Man it has been a great few days weather wise!
I dreadfully wanted to see some snow this winter and the temperature needed to be a good 0 Celsius or 30 Fahrenheit for it BUT today was about 70 Fahrenheit/21 Celsius, that's quite a bit for winter and it is easily t-shirt weather without a doubt! Also I think the full moon is right around the corner so it is a great time to do some night time walking where ever it is safe you know. I can walk in the woods at night without of a flashlight on Full moons during the winter since there is no leaves and everything is lite up. It's odd XD.
So I went to a Doctor today about my wrist since I still have problems with it. I have had an on and off pain with it for about 2 years I guess with a cist inside but now it isn't there but the pain is. X-rays don't show anything so the recommended I get a MRI for it to see the cartridge/tissue inside to see if there is a problem that we haven't addressed yet. Didn't know that they were $4,000 (¥304,880) at my hospital so I am trying to figure if my health insurance will cover it and I believe they do. That is a lot of dough to spend on something so quick. I just hate having the pain in my wrist making uncomfortable to carry some simple things or to lean on it, or to do a push or pull up. 
It makes me feel old or something.
Well I hope I get this issue straightened out. I might need surgery or something to fix it for good but I don't know till that MRI is completed. Hmm...

Well Look forward for some more photos soon, I had gone to Hollywood Cemetery last week and those photos will be up Friday this week!


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