Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get out, and take a walk!

Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to tell everyone that you should get out and take a walk.
Just get up off the couch or what ever, leave your cell behind or put it on silent, get in the car and go somewhere. Or if you want take a walk around the city or the house.
I love doing it and unplug from everything and of course bring my camera. I go to parks often or take a walk in the woods as I love to integrate myself into nature or my surroundings.
These photos are taken from Hanover Wayside Park, check my other post here.
So I took some photos with a friend and we just walked around talking in the park. He also has a Canon and we were talking about photography and life. If you are not an exercise buff and go to the gym, that's cool. All you really need to do is walk, it is exercise still and great for you mentally and physically. To clear your head, get away from all the complications of our civilization. Maybe spend some time in solitude to do some personal thinking or just sit on a park bench and relax and clear your mind. Kinda like meditation except not extreme.

I miss the pond that this dam had once held before the hurricane years ago. Now kids come down here and graffiti it...

Not many people has come to this park, but last year or back in 2010 the county got some money and decided to build a Hanover County war memorial for those that are from the county that went into war from WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and the War on Freedom now. It added something special to the park and is really nice.


the sky's have been pretty clear the past few days minus the rains, it has been nice...


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