Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Driving at Night

Hey everyone!
So how many of you guys Drive at night time?
I do.
Well I have class at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday nights and I stay to school till 6pm on Thursdays and the Sun has fallen and the darkness has fallen. This will be different in a month or two when we spring forward in time and the days last longer but for now I walk and drive in the dark.
Now, I will say that it isn't the safest thing to do in the city of Richmond is walking around after dark alone, especially later on at night. There has been numerous crimes reported and there are still other crimes that are never reported. Just the way it is really here
Now driving around after dark is interesting, fun, tiring, dangerous and other things. Being in college and work and living away from work and college gives me the esteemed privilege to drive around all day long. It really does and at all times really.
Well when you officially start off driving with that learners permit and get your license at that age, you are like, "Yeah, driving is boss!" Well yeah, it can be. My girl friend tells me I drive like a boss sometimes still...well because I do haha. Anyways, being young when I got my drivers license back at the gold old age of 16, it is a great time. It is like that extra step that you get reaching closer to adult hood. Side note: kids stay young while you still can! Seriously though, getting that license gives you that extra freedom, if you have a car to use, to get out of he house and away from the parents.
It's great, you can go to places if they don't want to take you on their own time and heck you can take yourself to school and back.
Well after awhile when you get older and you do it a lot you start to get the feeling that driving is boring. It's true, you will hit that point at some time, it might not stay but probably will think it at some point. I hit it once doing it so much. My other thought was that gosh I waste so much time driving around to and from work and classes that I could have studied for an hours time or maybe even more. Also if you are stressed out at the time, driving a lot might not help, especially in traffic! I use the time driving now to reflect on my day, or think of things to do later and plan. Can make driving less boring. You can make driving more exciting by speeding but I definitively do NOT recommend that. You will get in trouble with the Police.
Oh man, I forgot, music! Or a talk show! Listening to good music can make it better too! I have fast pace techno sometimes or Miku and it makes me want to race but I managed to over come that urge now haha.
Driving a lot and not going crazy I guess is a skill on it's own. I sometimes make calls when I drive but this again is dangerous and is illegal in some states and countries to do. I don't think it is illegal to do this in Virginia but texting and driving IS. It is better that you have a hands free call while driving. Anyways about me, I don't so I drive a lot with one hand on the wheel and the other on a phone to my ear. I used the time a lot last semester to call family or my girl friend as I wont have time to do it when I get home with homework and all. My girl friend would bring up ,"why do always call me when your driving," like I don't have another time for her but hey I did call! :D
Anyways, this semester I have one less job, but my girl friend now has school, teaching at one or two different schools and another job at a tax office. Now she will call ME once or twice on those days while she is driving to and from them, ironic? Well I jokingly said, "So you know that you call me quite often now when you are driving." She understood how troublesome that it can be and time consuming, especially in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area with traffic. She respects and understands the time it takes for driving and doesn't blame me for calling while I drive. Haha, see sometimes you gotta try something to understand where that person is coming from.

Ok anyways, driving at night. Lots of people do it, lots don't. It is a great skill to have. Also, I don't recommend taking photos while to drive, ops. I will be honest, there are some things that I may do alone in the car but never with a passenger. Driving is dangerous for you and for others still. Anyways here are a few photos.

So  I honestly don't remember what lights these were. I had managed to get my camera to stay on my dashboard with an lengthy exposure and I had red lights and blue lights on opposite sides.
Photobucket Photobucket

Cary Street Gym on the left at 9pm. This was a 25sec shutter speed and not much traffic.


The Landmark Theater on the left from the parking deck at 9pm... 


City in the distance!


Canon Rebel T3i with 18-55mm IS II lens

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