Monday, January 9, 2012

Who's fault is it


Hey everyone!
I went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Garden Fest. last night with my girl friend. We had a great time an it was her first time to the gardens there. The lights were great although was disappointed that some parts of the gardens were roped off :( oh darn. I had a coupon from the newspaper  where it was $11 for the both of us saving an extra $11! Not bad for a nice little date out. Tonight is actually the last night of Garden fest so if you want to see it get out there!!!
Also  the moon was magnificent the past few evenings, it is awesome!
I'm at work again getting in some more hours! Just a tiny bit of data and such.
I'm still on a hunt for a new camera though, I need a new one or somehow figure things out with the one I have. Problem is no matter what I do the photos come out grainy for low lights.
I have a good question for all people, in fact it has to do with our society as well.
If you are the smarter of the group of people or what not or not necessarily the smartest but know about something more then the others and if it goes wrong you are the one to blame.
It seams that everyone needs something or someone to blame for something, like a scapegoat.
I can understand somethings like people actually being responsible for a certain problem but a good example is just the other day at my home.
I am the only one that is reliable to work on the computers at my house. I set up the router, the WiFi, the internet, I clean the computers to make the run better and such.
Well out of the blue the WiFi started to not work, the internet was fine. Instantly my sister need to do her homework and noticed that it was not up. "Clinton what did you do to the WiFi!" first thing I get. I used it earlier in the morning and had no problems so once again it is my fault since I am the only one that knows how to fix it and the only one that messes with the router. I fix everything over the day resetting stuff and such yet it is me trying to fix the situation that is the inconvenience that my sister can not get her homework done and there for she leaves for a friends house. I really don't understand and I guess I could have also done the same thing to someone at some point. Probably multiple times and not know since it comes nature. I see it often and I wonder if it is something that we can get over.
All things happen as they happen and it isn't always someones fault and can be handled in a positive manor.
One of the many things that I guess I can find really annoying and negative about human beings, but not something that is impossible to overcome as a society. LOTS of clam meditation and being one. Sounds like a cliche.
Have a good day!

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