Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How can anyone get along without a wood fire?

Hey Everyone!
So my father said the other day a quote that got me thinking haha.

"How can anyone get along without a wood fire" -My daddy

He said this as mom, him and I was sitting down stairs at night watching T.V. with our fireplace lit with some oak that we cut down a few months back. I can see where he is coming from because it is toasty and makes a relaxing experience for anyone to sit by it. I know that there is those gas fire places that you can start up with a switch and it has look-alike logs in it and there is those portable fireplaces that shows an image of a burning log but it is not the same. You get the heat but there is something about burning real logs. I am not saying yeah go cut some trees down to do it, I hate cutting trees down and we ONLY cut down trees that are dead and has causes concern for a hazard in the woods or what not.
Anyways, the smell of a wood fire, the look of it, just relaxing and a warm feeling. I enjoy it and I would love to have a wood fire place in my house one day. Yeah, you have to get wood and do work for it but it is worth it XD. As long as you are careful.
Bottom line, everyone should get together and get around a wood fire and just watch it and enjoy each others company. People would get along just fine, I know it!


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  1. There are several materials to choose from. Have the one that fits the room.


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