Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, welcome 2012

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to say Happy New Year (a little late on it)
This is the much talked about 2012!
This blog as progressed a bit more this past year! More people are viewing it and I have altered the blog and have in the past two months really started to post more photos! Also if anyone has noticed when coming to the blog that the address is not with blogspot. I went ahead and got my own site address!
I can't wait to post tons more for this next coming year! I will be going to Japan! I will be graduating this year! I will be inducted into the "real world' and get a career job and I hope to promote my blog and photos further on!
In 2011 we have had not the best news of all.
We had a 9.1earthquake in Japan causing deaths and missing people and problems with nuclear reactors.
Wedding of Price William was a big marriage that tons of people watched.
Osama bin Laden was announced by Obama that he was killed in a raid of his estate.
Problems in the united States and other countries this year say lots of riots and movements against the government like Occupy.
Lots of things did happen this past year and I really wonder what is in store for this coming year, I found some things that are facts about this coming year that might be cool to know!
-Jan 13: The first Youth Winter Olympics Starts in Austria!
-Feb 6: Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 60th anniversary of her accession of the throne
-May12: Start of the 2012 World Expo in South Korea
-June 6: the last solar transit of Venus of the century, next time is 2117. Venus moves between the sun and Earth and you can see Venus move across the sun as a black disk for a few hours.
-July 27: Start of the Summer Olympics in London
-December 21st: This is the touchy 2012 idea. The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar will complete a great cycle. Will the world end? I'm not sure

Well I hope I can bring news and more photos and such to you guys this coming year!!!

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