Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Town at Bush Gardens, Virginia

Hey everyone!
So on December 30th last week I went with my girl friend and her aunt, uncle and cousin to Bush Garden's Christmas Town. I recommend it to anyone in the area to go check it out but I would do it before Christmas and not 5 days after since you already have the "oh Christmas time is over" kind of feeling. Although it was days after the magnificent holiday it was super packed! They were opening over flow parking pretty much!
The price per person is $25 (it was $20 for me since Chik-Fil-A had $5 off coupons). For that price and what you get is a great deal! The Festival of Lights at Lewis Ginter Gardens in Richmond is about $15 per person typically I think and they just have lights and the gardens to see which are not really blooming now except for in the atrium. Now Christmas Town has lights everywhere, I had no idea that there were that many lights and spruce trees that they put up! So many fantastic colors of light! No kidding!
Not only do they have the lights but they have holiday themed shows for the season, buildings decorated in a Christmas town feeling, some artificial snow blown off the roof tops on people below! The restaurants that you can grab a bit to eat have Christmas themed meals like a ham or turkey and such. Prepare to pay a butt load for the food though like you would in the summer haha.
Also their hot chocolate was pretty great. You can get the souvenir cup (her grandmother gave us some cash to get her one but told us to drink the coco) and you can get refills for 99 cents. We did about 2 or 3 refills, stuff was the bomb and the temperatures were dropping.
Also some of the rides are open too like the Alpengeist coaster.
If you get the chance to go next year definitely go after dark!  
Also one last note for those who don't know, Bush Gardens at Williamsburg constantly gets first place for park with the best landscaping and in the top 3 for cleanest park as well.

So Enjoy some of the photos, they had penguins (super long line) on loan from a aquarium and the train is all lit up inside and goes with music too. The Tree in Germany also has a show with music and the lights for about 5 minutes, really awesome!
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