Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship, Not Cool

Hey everyone!
So today I am going to talk quickly about censorship on the Internets!
If you have noticed, Google is blocked out with a black box just showing a point about censorship the internet. Many other sites are also doing it in protest.
So what does this mean?
Well basically the United States government wants to fight piracy and regulate the internet but using censorship. Much like China. So basically the government would regulate the web by using methods that are being used in China and what might come up as possible copyright infringement they will block the site all together for anyone to see in the States.The government might force search engines as well to delete certain sites from their search results as well.
Oh yeah the bills, yeah that's right 2 bills, that are trying to be passed in congress are Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP ACT (PIPA).
So yeah, this effects a LOT.
So if there is a web site that constantly has things uploaded like content or photos that might be copyrighted then the site could be block and or face allegations of criminal activity. Think about that, what site handles tons of uploads and such? FACEBOOK! They going to block Facebook? Perhaps Google or any community site that expresses ideas and such?
This is an attack on our right of speech and press. Blocking content like this is to much especially for our economy that has lots of business online. All companies would have to analyze everything that is uploaded to their sites! That is a TON of work for certain sites and companies! Heck I'm not sure I'd be fine even though I give credit at the end of my posts to those that deserve the credit!
Another thing is that this might not stop actually Pirate sites from stopping those illegal downloading either.
This way might change the address for certain sites but it wont stop the actually illegal problems and just cause problems for ever other site that us American's find pleasure in going to.
So yeah, this isn't cool and cause tons of problems for a lot of companies, bloggers news sites and such. Not liking this at all.
I feel like my rights as a United States citizen is being put on hold >_>
So yeah, what you can do since congress is voting on January 24th, is sign a petition over at Google HERE, or give your congress representation a call and let him know or his office know how you feel about this!

All info that I used was from Google's page on Censorship and there is the petition that you can sign!
Also you can go to here to sign their petition as well.

Also going to add a app to my site that shows some censorship! Edit: Didn't work haha

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