Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper this, journal that...exams up next!

Hey everyone!
I have yet posted those other photos that I said that I would add to the blog! I know what is up with me! Well it has been busy and this is the last week of classes before Winter holidays which is so relieving. Not only will I not have school but I really wont have work since the store I work at will close it's doors next Saturday. Sucks since I have been closing there here and there since I was a junior in high school! It is almost like routine to work there but now it will end and perhaps it is a sign. It was, and probably true by far, a comfort job. I had it and kept it because hey were flexible with me and my schedule. I knew the people there and it was close and I knew that they wouldn't let me go if I stayed but since it is closing it isn't much of a choice to stay now. A comfort job is a job that you feel comfortable and snug in and you really are not branching out. This now pushes me to exceed expectations and to look for a new job and perhaps get better benefits and pay and/or a job that is much more closely related to me field.
A job is something I need either or because I wouldn't be able to do the things I do so I still need to look for some kind of way to make some money besides my internship.
Anyways one of the many things that I will be doing over break.
I just finished up a paper for nature writing class and now I need to create my journal entries for Friday.
Much to get done and studying is needed!
It looks like I might not be able to get the classes that are need to graduate in the Spring which could be fine. I can graduate in December of 2012 and that way I don't stress myself out next semester and even in the Fall.
I guess I will be traveling to Japan as a student and not a graduate from college which is cool too, mostly because I would be a student because I hope to learn vast amount of things while I spend my time there. It is exciting what will happen next year!
I also had a text from my uncle and it isn't for sure yet, more like a "hey would you be interest in this" kind of thing. It was a question asking if I wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail thru from Georgia to Maine in 2013 starting in March. This is a big questions as it is 5-6 months worth of time to spend on the 2,100+ mile trail.
I said yes.
What happens now is well, I am not sure haha but much to plan if he is serious.
Well much for me to ponder for my future.
Hopefully there is much photos for you guys soon when I get the time. In the mean time, I better leave home for Anthropology!

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