Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone and Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is waking up and enjoying the festivities with family or friends.
Did everyone get presents or at least time with loved ones?
Well below are some photos I took last night! I would have taken photos of the lights in the city but plans after plans fell through sorry, might be able to get there tonight though!

this is our tree, it is a little different shaped though lol

So I figured that I would give you guys an update on life now! I finished school with passing colors and will be set for next semester...the last semester!!
I helped my grandmother the other day in Maryland with her basement since she can't really lift things a certain weight. It was a nice visit to see them and my uncle and right before Christmas too!
I came back early since I had a job interview on Friday and I am set up for one more so it sounds like that I will get the job!
To bad for the no snow on Christmas though lol, and last night was a new moon! No moon at all but the sky was clear and the air was crisp. 
I'm pretty sure that I will get out today at the park or something, probably wont be to many people out and such.
I hope everyone will enjoy their day!!!!

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