Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last day of work

Hey everyone!
So today will be my last day at my part time retail job. My manager told melast night that he wasn't able to put me on the schedule for the last week because of the amount of people and hours he had to cut back before the final closing. Understandable but it is weird to not work there anymore. Been there for about 4.5 years and had been a source of money since I have been driving really. Now the new adventure starts of finding more new work perhaps!
Also, I did receive good news yesterday. I talked to my department head and got the classes I needed to graduate in May so now I will graduate on time and be able to look for more of a career in about six months time. This is great news and now I can really enjoy Japan when I travel. Like a start in a  new life really.
Exciting times but I still need to find some sort of income soon as I wont be able to afford Japan when the time comes around. Also I will need to cover gas and other expenses like my school books, grrrr.
My grandmother needs some help in Maryland with her basement and we set up something where she will help out my financial problems a little for Christmas for a little work. Some good news! It seams that most of the money that I will make over break will not come from an actual job but more or less family and friends giving me some work to do. Not complaining since I do need it and it really isn't all that bad. I have days off, why not drive to Maryland for a few days to get away for a bit and visit with some family! (and work too haha)
My girl friend still needs a gift, so I need to get on that too! Ahhh
There is still somethings  that I want to do during the holiday season.
1. I need to take a photo of our Christmas tee for you guys. Oh gosh does it look odd!
2. Go to the Illumination in Richmond with my girl friend
3. Perhaps more Christmas lights in the City to look at
4. Go to Carry Town with my girl friend (it has been a long time since I have been walking around down there)
5. Maymont! There is a thing next Friday night at Maymont that is Christmasy on a horse carriage and stuff. Seams fun!
6. I think going to the Capital building again would be cool, its been a while since I have seen it.
7. (I can't do this but...) Snow! Bring some snow!
8. Take lots of photos for you guys and continue the updates!
9. Oh, hopefully find another job!
10. ummm idk you know some other stuff.

anyhow, lets hope I get a lot of this done, that would be nice!

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