Thursday, December 8, 2011

I had a beard....?

Hey Everyone!
So today was the first time that I have gone into my internship in a few weeks and usually I shave to go into work there. So since I had not gone for a while I let my facial hair grow out for a bit....I think the longest that I have let it go actually. In reality it isn't all that long compared to people and their beards at school. I did get to the point where I had to shampoo it though since the soap was drying it out...grr.
Anyways I spent like 20 minutes shaving this morning. It was to long for my electric shaver to get it off and the disposable razor that I had was sort of dull and wasn't cutting it really this morning! Like I had to go over spots multiple times to get it but I did get it back to what I have been rolling with for a while, a small goatee.
It was an interesting two weeks a 2 days without shaving, and no I didn't participate in No-Shave November to the people in college, I have a professional life as well and work so I wont be able to show you a full on beard...maybe down the road haha.
Anyways it sounds like that I wont have much more at my internship for the holidays and I of course lose my other job next Saturday once they close up. I'm going to have some trouble if I don't get some kind of work though because I still have at the least the gas to get around for school/work and the car payments. Right now it is hard for me to say but I barley have enough right now to cover that and started to dig in my savings which I haven't gone since 2008. Sucks. Really does. Started to sell off some things in my room even though that are hard to come by but I have to set priorities or I'll get in trouble.
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If you do that I promise to get more photos up as it will look like I have more time to do photos and posts. I still have a stock of posts waiting to go up and now I can start working on more! Till next time!!!



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