Thursday, December 15, 2011

Around the woods at home (Fall 11)

Hey Everyone!
So few weeks back I had taken some photos around in the woods at my home of the fall colors. Enjoy!!

I have a creek right down the hill in the woods from the back door. I'm lucky that it stays the same right there. We have tons of rain that falls every once in a while and carves out the banks of my creek. This one however never falters! I think that it is because of the huge Tulip Poplar tree on one back that has had a fantastic hold onto the soil for a hundred years!

The maple leaves are all yellow down there! 


this one part of the woods was littered in yellow leaves, it was awesome!


The leaves fell on the creek and if I didn't stop walking I would have stepped right onto the surface of the water and gone in! It's almost looked like the ground!


Still some green life in the fall cover!


That huge Poplar off to the left a little on the bank is the one next to the mini waterfall in the first photograph. This area down here is nice and open with a few beech trees

Photobucket Photobucket

It had been moist for a while that week with mostly over cast sky's. I can say that toadstools, mushrooms and fungus were popping up everywhere from underneath the leaves and sticks! They just want to say hi!


More to come later!!!!

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