Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working...or so I thought

Hey Everyone!
It has been a while since I have done a normal little update on the blog. I have be busy posting photos if you could tell recently! I got p part 1 and 2 of camping with my father and also some photos from Maymont. I have more to come this week from Maymont as well but I figure I would make an update since it has been a while.
So, I went to visit my girl friend this past weekend for a bit, it was nice to see her for a while as I wont see her till Thanksgiving time I bet which isn't to far off now.
Oh I ordered Inheritance last week on Amazon and I have started it already, can't wait to reach the end.
This coming weekend I have Skyward Sword (Zelda title) releasing and I will be slaving away on my Wii playing that so I am planning on finishing my book before then or all hope is lost haha
School is cracking down now, got about a month or so before the semester is at an end. I might have typed about this but this next semester was suppose to be my last at VCU because I would be graduating but it seams that a class sin't going to be offered and I might have to wait a semester or two to finish. It is kinda dumb (actually completed dumb) that I have to wait on VCU's watch and graduate half a year late because of one class. Other then this it might make my spring semester less stressful...but of course  it might cause a hold on my career opportunities. I hope when I apply to places in the spring for a job that they will considered it rather then throw out my application because I don't have my B.A. in Environmental Studies all because of one class that is holding me up. Speaking about jobs, the part time job that I have had for 4.5 years now is going to end. The landowner wants a shit ton for a new lease that the owner just wont fork up because he wouldn't be turning a decent profit. They worked out some deal but the landowner backed out and said that you can go higher if you will pay this. So my last day of the store staying open is December 17th... My part time job ends right at the end of my semester. I now gotta look for a new part time job (besides my internship) and work over break and throughout next semester as well. I might keep it during a full time position in the Summer (after my Japan travels).
I have some stressful stuff going on at school like papers and multi test happening this week. Been trying to focus on studying for them because I have to pass or it is more retakes and my GPA can't drop any lower as well.
I have a place in mind for the first half of my Japan trip and I have everything else laid out of what I want to do except for maybe visiting people! I need a place to stay in Tokyo now and then all I need to do is get traveling insurance and also flight tickets and that is about everything that I need to get in advance before departure. Perhaps a new camera or video camera. Who knows. If any one knows of good traveling insurance to get for 23 days of travel abroad and also great places to stay in central Tokyo then PLEASE comment.
I think I am addicted to watching T.V., I would be studying Japanese or other materials more if there wasn't some many things on this season that I follow grrrr.
Midna is doing great, she is still trying and failing at catching squirrels.
Umm I can't think of anything else that I can currently ad right now so next will be more photos of Maymont (that is the plan) or maybe around the house or something type of photos. I'm probably heading off to Maymont now since work has run down today at the internship.
Catch ya later!

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