Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SLR, Tablet and Wayside

Hey Everyone!!
I hope I can post more as I have edited a ton of photos that have been sitting around on my desktop for a while! This time I will show what I recently have been playing with a a recent visit to Wayside!
I hope everyone had safe travels for the Thanksgiving holiday and that they filled themselves with Turkey. If you don't celebrate the holiday that is all good because I am sure I ate enough for you guys! How about some Black Friday sales, did you go out and get anything or how about cyber Monday?
Anyways, when I was at my grandparents, my grandfather has let me borrow his SLR camera.
It Is a Fujica AX-3 (1980) and it came with a few lenses and other equipment to take care of the camera. Everything is in great condition as well! I managed to scramble up a 6volt battery to run it and also some 35mm film that my grandmother uncovered. I have gone out and taken some photos with it once I got a hang of the lens and such but I wont be able to tell you guys how it went until I finish the roll of film and find some place that still develops film XD Only ten pictures have been taken and once the weather clears up I hope that I can get out there for more photos! down below is two images of the camera it's self!

Photobucket Photobucket

So on Black Friday I went out around 4am to check at Best Buy for fun with my girl friend and asked if they had anymore of the Asus transformer e PC that they had on the front of their ad. 10 at the store for $249.99 and they opened at Midnight. Yeah I figured that there was going to be no more left but heck, there was one more! So that is what I got and only that over all the week's savings. Shown below, this thing is pretty handy. I can use it for books and doing some school work on the go. Also manage the many accounts that I do. Camera on the front and back and you can get a keyboard docking station for like $150-$100 and it's like a thin laptop. I didn't get it but I probably plan to eventually. I will use this as a main computer sources for my commuting as carrying a large laptop like the new one that I have, this saves room in my back pack, it's fast and reliable with Android 3.2, and is light! I recommend getting it and the easy docking station for the extra 8 hours of battery power. I don't know if you can come across such a price that I got for a while and I got the 16GB version which is fine by me haha


So I went by Hanover wayside on Saturday! It wasn't for to long and I didn't take many photographs in the woods since there was a lot of overcast even though it said partly cloudy/sunny. I did mostly walking and it was pretty nice, except for the quick shower on me haha.


Lots of fall foliage has fallen apart now from the falling rains and wind that has stripped away the leaves from the trees...


Even though fall has fallen and the peak of it has past a while ago there are still those plants that cling onto their green-hood like this forest floor in the woods.


I hope everyone enjoyed the fall colors and I really wished I took more photos of nature on the nice sunny days, but I guess Winter days wont hurt. Bring the Snow!!


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