Monday, November 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Hey everyone!
I had a good thanksgiving at my grandparents house in Maryland yesterday and the traffic couldn't be any better!
I'm keeping this short because I'm using my new Asus transformer tablet that i got at 4am this morning at best buy. I am using the blogger app that is right on the desktop so i can quickly make a post just like this. Still getting the hang of it but il have many useful things for it to do for me since im out all the time. I got about a 10 hour work day ahead of me so i will be off until i get more photos up or just anoth another typical update!
See ya!
P.S. I am posting this now...even though I posted it on Black Friday...Th reason it is late is because I posted it to the wrong blog, muhahahah!! anyways another update coming soon

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